Monday, 28 May 2007

I went back hometown to celebrate Grandpapa's big day. We had barbecue and steamboat, what a great combination! When mum asked, what shall we dip, what sauce should we use, this reminded me of kampungkai's homemade chili. So, we try out the garlic with chili, ginger with chili and own recipe chili.

Didn't take the picture of steamboat and barbecue as everything was in a mess =P

The next day, we had the must-have breakfast of mine. hehe...

鲁面 - a combination of dried cuttlefish, bamboo shoot, cabbage and delicious noodle.

干捞面 - normal mee kicap with tasty home-made noodle.

Never fail to introduce you, Sitiawan specialty biscuits!

烘饼 - non-halal

Lotus Paste biscuit


The day was full of activities, there was another event that I need to attend. The night is getting older, opsss...still young. =D

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