Saturday, 26 May 2007


went to search for Fondue House at Desa Sri Hartamas as recommended by woon to settle my dinner and reward myself for completing the assignments. heard that it offers cheessy fondue and chocolate fondue, yummy yummy...but sadly, my mission was in vain, the spot as mention by woon does not exist, meaning it has close shop...sob view of eating pot full of melted cheese was hit hard by reality...
okay, any how I need to search for a place for dinner, so the whole family landed at Hartamas Square, a great place for multi choices of cuisine. my parents ordered their usual all-time favorite - Chinese cuisine, my bro and I hunt for something special. (that is why I've been training him since young to try other cuisine so that I got a company...hehehe)
we ordered Salmon Spagatthi. The Spagatthi tested good with generous sprinkle of cheese powder but the smell of black papper has cover the aroma of the cheese. And the ingredient is somehow very little.

Rösti Mushroom Cheese. The Rösti tasted like hash-brown with little gravy.

Quattro Pizza come with a combination of Mozarella, Parmesan, Blue Cheese and Cheddar cheese. The smell of the Blue cheese was really yucky, and must be eaten when being served hot, that is why we have waited quite long for this pizza to come.

and all finish with Crème Caramel as dessert.

all this reminded me of Screaming Bananas' Spagetthi with refreshing juice and Italiannis' Crème brûlée

What a night. I am still not satisfy with the closing down of Fondue House, should have gone there earlier. *sigh*


lx said...

Woo..those food looks real's making me hungry now =3~~~


.: babelearner :. said...

really?! haha...but it does taste good... (",)v