Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Study Break Food Creations

during study weeks when you feel like putting your effort in doing revision, the things around you suddenly evolve and become so interesting and fun to explore...dull television programmes caught your attention, you even watch the commercials as well, and life suddenly full of activities and commitments...

during the past few days or weeks, been doing some cooking in the kitchen to fill my ever growling stomach. lets see some of my creations...hehe...

healthy yummy wholemeal bread with tuna chunks, seaweeds, chopped onions, slices of tomatoes, cucumbers and a slice of cheese... =D

white source spinach fettuccine with tuna chunks, chopped onions, prawns, button mushrooms, and lavishly sprinkle handful of Parmesan.

seafood macaroni with minced meat, prawns, squids, clamps and chopped fresh parsley.

this is not my creation of course, mom cooked it. haha...a signature dish for 'fok chow' ethnic. the mee is known as 面线,with 红酒 and another ingredient that make it so reddish looking (not really sure what is that called), with chopped chicken and my own addition of an egg...haha...

my all time favorite dishes...wooo, tempting and delicious, craving for more...yum yum =D

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