Saturday, 28 July 2007


Lavender got great scent..I have been fond to the scent and it is also the title for a Taiwanese love drama long when i heard from my aunt that she got lavender in her garden i rush to have a look...
I: where where? i can't see it
Aunt: here, it's here.
(I went and have a closer look)
(rub rub rub my eyes, blink blink blink)
I: no, this is not lavender lar.
Aunt: Yes, it is,it got a great smell.
(sniff sniff sniff)
okie, i admit, it really does smells good.
so my aunt gave me all those flower and i put them in a recycled bottle (i am so environmental friendly, doesn't i?) hahahaha...
anyway, quiet disappointed, it seems impossible to plant Lavender here in tropical country. never mind... ^^

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