Tuesday, 17 July 2007


Every phase that you go through in your life, there must have something such as song, movie, occasion or possession or someone that will evoke your old memory. Maybe you hated that moment very much at that time of action, but now when you think back, you hope that if only you can hold on that moment longer and appreciate it much more.

Using the break that I have, some memory come flashing back in my head. I have indeed missed something in the past. I am using this chance to say SORRY to all my friends. Sorry if I have made you sad, sorry if I have hurt you, sorry if I have let you down, sorry if I have made you feel disappointed, sorry ... ...

And of course, not forgetting to say, THANK YOU for being my lovely friends ^^v


Anonymous said...


putramonstah! said...

your friends will totally understands you...

we already know what happened yesterday,
always wanting to know what's gonna happen tomorrow,
but what we need to know is actually to 'treasure today'!

~because it is today that you gonna build up your past in the future~

cheer up & be happy! Nee^^v