Wednesday, 1 August 2007

another day

what would you do? when you have no lecturer/tutorial... when you are going to nowhere as no plan... when you plan not to be hooked on the pc... when you are not doing assignment yet as lazy... when you are not doing revision as the exam has not approach yet...
I open my story book that was supposedly be finished and return back to the owner long ago... when I start to be deep in the fantasy land...
Mom: can you please help me to do this, do that... ...
I: wait
Mom: NOW!!!
okay, okay, so put aside the book, and start the work... reason behind me sleeping extremely late recently was that I have my bed time story and sometimes the story get so exciting and you keep flipping the pages until dad come in and you know light shall be off by then... hehe

p/s: for your information, i am not a nerd!!! not a bookworm!!! I am not always holding a book, regardless of story book, magazine nor worse, textbook. Just sometimes I hold on a story book that is interesting but finish in a year's time =P

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