Thursday, 16 August 2007

What a Day

These few days, I often left my brain and soul behind.

Yesterday was definitely not a sunny day for me.
First, I broke my photo-frame of 21 years. Sad enough. Haihzzz...
To make my day worse, I fell down on my way to class. I slipped and all I remembered was that in the next second, still feeling shock, attempting to sit up. The most hilarious part was that it happened beside the road on the curb with all the cars passing by, luckily for me not jam that day, luckily I am not wearing skirts, luckily I did not fall flat on my face, and sooo lucky that I bought my sling bag that I've been abandoned for few semester. So, the bag was my cushion on the concrete curb. Can't imagine what if I hurt my back again...blame that on the slippery, steep curb, blame that on the shoes, blame that on not concentrating while walking, blame that on not wearing spectacular (thought of training my eyes muscle in public, guess it's not working)

After a broken frame and butt-hitting floor incident, I hereby proclaim myself: blur princess...hehe =P
Let's have a hearty laugh: a grown up blur princess whose mind often linger, fell down in public place...hahaha...did i make it your day? =D
guess walking is an art for me to learn ^^

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