Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Grumbling yet again

haha ... I know I am not so dedicate in blogging compare last time but I can't find reasons to post a blog recently. I want to stop grumbling about how sucks my life is as I do not want my dear readers to become as pessimistic as I do (a reason for laziness as well) =D

Recently, I have been either stoning at home, don't feel like doing any assignments as yet or hunting stuffs for upcoming dinners and functions. When life starts to get busy, all things come flowing in non-stop, which is a good sign, but I can't find a purpose of accomplishment ...

I realise I have lost myself, losing direction in all aspect and life become so miserable .... why people seems to be so happy and life seems to have a reason ... opsss, grumbling yet again =P

How do you feel when the place you used to be so familiar and fond of suddenly changes its facet? Do you feel like losing your childhood memory? I had this feeling when I went to The Mall and saw everything changes tremendously, so sad ...


Anonymous said...

My dear... I have no mood to do assignments too.. and getting worried at the same time.. haih.. gonna crazy soon..

CHANGE... people need improvement, and they have to make changes. So, you need to adapt to it..

Blah blah blah... haha... sien..

Why people seems to be happy no matter what??? Why????? @_@

.: babelearner :. said...

... ... speechless. you have said what is in my mind ... no answer =(