Thursday, 11 October 2007

'Lou Gong' Biscuit

One of my college mate went Hong Kong and Macau for a trip recently. So envy ~

He haven't told us wonderful story and show us beautiful picture during his trip in HK and Macau yet. Share us your story next time! He bought back biscuit for us. For guys, he bought 'Lou Po' biscuit (Wife Biscuit - direct translation) For gals, he bought 'Lou Gong' biscuit (Husband Biscuit - direct translation) I have never heard of 'Lou Gong' biscuit though. Don't ask me the differences between 'Lou Gong' and 'Lou Po' biscuit, I have forgot how is 'Lou Po' biscuit already, should have bought another box of 'Lou Po' biscuit to me as well. Hahaha ... ^^

Anyway, THANK YOU, Simon for your biscuit. ^^v


New Kid on the Blog said...

There's a difference by looking at the picture. Mee too, hv not heard about Low Kong Biscuit.

Hey, thks for dropping by my blog and give me the courages.

Anonymous said...

I have never heard about Lou Gong biscuit as well. Thought he was referring to Lou Po biscuit when telling me that he bought us the biscuit. haha.. Well, let me tell you what's the difference.

According to our beloved salmon, Lou Po biscuit is sweet in taste while Lou Gong biscuit tasted salty. So, I ask him why, which he asked the seller the exact question.

And he was told that, Lou Gong "ham sap", that's why Lou Gong biscuit is salty.

haha.. Funny, right?! Don't you agree that the seller has a great idea to expand his business.

.: babelearner :. said...

New kid on the blog: Welcome ^^

Woon: yer ... I want Lou Po biscuit then, I want to be sweet not 'ham sap' ... haha... anyway, appreciate and thanks Simon for the biscuit ... yummy =D

putramonstah! said...

hahaha...omg the biscuits i bought? omg it looks so delicious =P i never even get to eat one...when back to malaysia only found out that i've bought not enough for friends... =(

.: babelearner :. said...

go eat Lou Po biscuit, don't eat Lou Gong biscuit, later you become hap sap... haha ... luckily i got one box and can savor it ... hehe ...thanks ^^v

Anonymous said...

jhen nee.. where's my share? :p

.: babelearner :. said...

opsSs ... sorry Mun Seng, I finish all ... hahaha ... Lou Po biscuit is not meant for you though ... wuahahaha =D