Saturday, 24 November 2007

A Stopover at Kuala Selangor

Stopover at Kuala Selangor to have dinner on our way home after visiting Grandparents at Perak, Sitiawan last week. Had few usual seafood as dinner with usual cooking style. The next day, everybody fell sick except dad, not because of the food, as we are all too heaty, having this delicious dinner and grandma delicious red home-wine braise fresh wild mushroom that we had for two consecutive days. Haha ... ...





By the way, I can't forget the yummylicious Korean food I had yesterday, Korean BBQs, dolsot bibimbap and a spicy seafood tofu soup. SlurpsSs ... ^^


Kampungkai said...

fuhlamak, look at those food pics, it's already making me drool. Pass me some tissue paper to wipe my saliva please? Ur having a princess' life man, having the opportunity to eat all these mouth watering food, me everyday eat mix rice till wanna puke.

.: babelearner :. said...

i am having these once in a while ... not my everyday meal ... then those floggers can be crowned as Kings and Queens, i suppose .... =D