Monday, 14 July 2008


I have had enough, within three days, my car has met cruel treatment by irresponsible people! Okay, I know my car is not any luxury car, but is has been an important transportation tool.

First occasion, at the car park, the car paint of the side door was chipped off as the guy has open his car door so wide to do something with the child pusher I guess, and knocked against mine, the impact was so strong that i can feel the whole car shaking. He gave me a sorry hand-sign. When I came down from the car and check the door, walk past him, he didn't even say sorry!

Second incident, this guy break the rule, he jumped queue and because it is a two-lane road the car from opposite direction turn in and he has no option but to keep nearer to the correct lane and as he was driving so fast, his side mirror knocked against mine, arghhh! and I am cruel enough not to let him drive back into the right lane, and due to that he turn back and give me some sign, I can't see it clearly as it was raining and I give out and be so KIND enough to let him cut-in back to the lane.

Driving need not only skills, but also consideration and responsibility and ALERTNESS because on the road there are all kinds of vehicles as well as pedestrians! Nearly so close in meeting an accident today, blame the congestion of the traffic!!!


Anonymous said...

hehe.. chill wei =)

Anonymous said...

glad you're safe at least =)

.: babelearner :. said...

yeah, safety important...hahaha... =D

Tan Liu Sheng 陈柳昇 said...

Your EQ r gud enuf to handle it, forgive the barbarian.

.: babelearner :. said...

oh yea, you remind me of EQ, yaya, should cool down, breathe in, breathe out, in, out ... haha ... Thanks, Liu Sheng ^.^