Sunday, 21 December 2008

Forest Gump at The Curve

The girls had their dinner over this happening place on a Friday night. One initiated the dinner, one suggested the place, one reserved the table and drived them over. Simple yet great night ^.^

Cajun Shrimp (RM20.90)

Bourbon Street Baramundi (RM29.90)

Run Forest Run, Jenny's Favorite, Blueberry Smoothie (RM10.90 each)

Mud Pie (RM19.90)
* I am the one who finishes most of it, gain weight already :(

The friendly waiter will just run by.

The friendly waiter will stop by your table and ask what they can help you. But sometimes they just miss it if they didn't pass by your table. You can do what my dear friend has done, take the whole thing up so that they can notice the change of it. Haha...

Everything they had on table :)

The HUGE logo

Cute little shrimp v^.^v

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Unknown said...

how are u?
mun yew said u were not feeling well..

i wonder when will u be seeing this msg? (u seldom blog nowadays)

missing u,,