Sunday, 29 March 2009

60 Earth Hour at CapSquare

60 Earth Hour

at CapSquare
with lots of fun-filled activities

Picture with former Channel V veejay and club deejay Joey G
O.O this is my first time taking picture with a celebrity, I am thrilled ^.^v

Beautiful Belinda ^.^v

Joey G on stage

T-Shirt and recycle goodie bag designed by Melinda Looi

By the way, I have some discount vouchers, if you want it, just leave me a message. (I took the Starbucks coupon) :P

Save Earth Hour and Have Fun :D

1 comment:

Tan Liu Sheng 陈柳昇 said...

It must be lot of unforgettable memory there. Share more with me next time at Starbucks.. wahahaa..