Sunday, 10 May 2009

Seafood Platter Risotto

Seafood Platter Risotto at William's, this was our supper, a huge portion of food with lots of carbohydrate, iodine and calories :P

Mussel with cheese :)
Scallop with chili :)
Risotto with big prawns, squids and lots more Parmesan cheese :D
BBQ squid :)
Lamb with mint sauce :)

One thing for sure, you will need to drink lots of water as i guess they put in lots of Ajinomoto. Our glass of juices are not enough to quench our thirst :P


lx said...

Wow..that looks real good..darn..I'm getting hungry now =s

Don't really like William's though..his price is quite high =/ only.. xP

.: babelearner :. said...

i think price is still okie, considering not a fine-dining area :) the food is nice coz of lots the MSG :)

lx said...

Hahaha..true true..but have you tried Murni SS2?It's as good as Williams...they are brothers if I'm not mistaken..I prefer Murni's actually..better sitting

.: babelearner :. said...

never tried murni before...yupz, i also heard that they are shoplots, just behind our previous college right? why that time we didn't go for supper at murni? hahaha................

lx said...

Haha..I have nooo ideaaaaa =P
But I think we did invite..but I think you girls were afraid of us?Scared we're like some bully kot?Ahahah..just kidding =P