Wednesday, 23 May 2007

L.o.V.e. (i)

Was on-line till the wee hour yesterday and being caught red-handed by dad for staying up late not doing assignment but chatting?!!! Haha…

Recently some of my friends seem to be troubled by a word – L.O.V.E. Abstract feelings that make man become their slave. You’ll realise sad love song also be on top of the music chart and Thelma advises appear every Sunday.

Have been wondering, pondering, and thinking what is L.O.V.E. babelearner just don’t understand that. What is the definition? How you know love is here and not merely a spark? There are still lots of questions to be asked but I just can’t put it in words. I remembered an email, it sounded like this: ‘Love is a text book. Each and everyone in this world have being given a blank book and you yourself will become the author of the book. So, there is no definite text book that can solve another man’s problem.babelearner is learning L.O.V.E., any suggestion? Or thoughts to share???

I am unable to convince or even console my friends, unable to sit right in front and listen tentatively or lend a shoulder to rely on, or help to shed tears or even pat at the back to give some comfort. Love may make you down, that is what friends are for to wake you ‘up’. So, I’ll be there for you, my friend to lend my ears or a shoulder. CHEERS!!!


Anonymous said...

I agree that L.O.V.E is a complex yet sweet matter. No one knows how to manage it perfectly unless you learn it, espeacially from the past! Right? It's same as people learn how to walk once they fall down. Agree??

(Yeah! Finally can type chinese words!!!)

And Lucky in L.O.V.E!!

- w o o n -

.: babelearner :. said...

GOOD ONE,woon!!! shall really appreciate every person in our life. Thanks ^^

Anonymous said...

Dear, i really can't leave any comment o advise to u, coz i also have the same problem with u..u must work out 2gather to forget those unhappy things..gambateh! Muackxxx

.: babelearner :. said...

dear michelle, lets us go party to forget the sadness...hahaha... *i am mad already* =P