Monday, 21 May 2007

New Chapter

babelearner is starting a new chapter here in this blog thingy...all the while just being a blog reader (anyway, the first and only blog that I've been visiting was from who ended his blogging life recently and then discovered kampungkai sifu's blog is very interesting too) I wanted to start months ago to get into this trend, as everybody seems to be so indulge in it, but never find time (what a lame excuse!)

At last, I am able to bring myself to start one since I am so curious in everything, but just wonder how long will I keep this. I am now joining the blogging community and being part of a blogger (sounds COOL!) YEAH! but still much to learn...

OKAY, I have posted my first ever blog in my life, but I am scratching my head of what shall I write in the future as my life is of normal routine, sleep - eat - studies... ...shall worry bout that later.

WELCOME to babelearner's world of learning!!! CHEERS ^^


Jason Lioh said...

Welcome to the world of blogging. :)

Perhaps you should read this post written by Narrowband before you continue. Its a very useful guide and helpful tips for you to kick start your blogging journey.

Do keep the spirit up and blog continuously. It's not easy but its a very rewarding hobby.

All the best!


narrowband said...

Heh, thanks Jason for the publicity *blush*.

Welcome to blogging and hopefully you'll enjoy it as much as everyone in the Malaysian blogosphere has!

.: babelearner :. said...

jason and narrowband, how are you guys be able to know I've created a new entry??? prove that lots of things I need to learn..THANKS for the support ^^

narrowband said...

That's what trackers are for - people will be able to know if someone has linked you up (a link that leads to that person's site).

Jason Lioh said...

If you use Wordpress better still, they have its track log at the main page. :D

.: babelearner :. said...

jasonmumbles and narrowband really appreciate your help. THANKS so much! I'll learn as it progress. GREAT DAY!!! ^^