Thursday, 6 December 2007

Cool - Uncool

Have been raining the whole day .... cool ... erm .... i mean cold =P
Most people like raining, but some people may turn a little emo ...the power of rain, i assume =D
Business people for sure don't like raining as it will turn down their sales for the day as people rather stay at home and enjoy the breeze and listen to the rain drops hitting on the concrete floor ... but rain can turn into a disaster in other places though ...

am being so uncool recently, get angry and turn emo very easily sigh ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Unknown said...

thx for leaving a comment at my page =)i'm overwhelmed.
today me winwin n whui went pavilion for singing at Red Box Plus, the red box didnt turn out as good as we thought.

i was tired today.

i hope out friendship will continue to blossom.