Monday, 3 December 2007

Wedding DinnerS of a Cousin Brother

9 wedding invitations we had received so far this year!!! guess this year is the auspicious year for wedding ceremony. Another cousin wedding was held last weekends for three consecutive days. As usual, no picture on food, let some human pictures do the talking =D

~ Congratulation Choo Ta and Wen Lih, HAPPY MARRIAGE!!! ~

some pictures on cousins' kids, notlar the newly wed cousin's =D

aren't they cute... hehe ^^


C a r m e n said...

when's ur turn arrr?? =) lolz...
wondering who will be the first among us to get marry..keke..must me u, goh jhen nee!! haha..

.: babelearner :. said...

Kar Mun, awkward lar upon hearing you calling by my full name ... this is the second time adi... this time no salutation ?!!!
any guys you wanna introduce to me ar? hehehe ^^